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Until I Breathe

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Until I Breathe is a progressive metalcore band from Moscow, Russia. The history of Until I Breathe began rather prosily for majority of similar modern bands. It was founded on the remnants of the band playing nu-metal. Dmitry Kotov (guitar) and Sergey Schmidt (drums) decided to find members for the new band. The genre was defined by demo record made during the period of the old band existence (later this track would be included in”Anatomy of Ideation” EP and titled “Skies On The Ground”. In fact, that was the first song of the new band). In the beginning of August 2006 Alexey Morozov (guitar) joined the band with Evgeniy Morev (bass) a little bit later. The position of a lead singer was occupied by Dmitry Novitsky for quite a long time. Several demos were recorded that time. In the beginning of 2007 the band made a few performances in the native town. Some time passed, Dmitry Novitsky leaves the band and after a while Evgeny Nikitenko takes his place. Material existing at that time is enough to release an EP called “Anatomy Of Ideation”. 2008 is quite efficient year for the band: in parallel with performances the band creates material for the EP-album “Genocide”, and shoots the debut video on “Battle Against Yourself” song which becomes more popular on YouTube rather than Russian sites.
 In September 2008 Sergey Schmidt and Dmitry Kotov decide to move to Moscow. To continue musical activity they search for the new members of the band.

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